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Planning for a comfortable retirement is a major challenge. Increases in life expectancy and cost-of-living make it imperative that we accumulate more money than ever before.

At Kravitz, we help business owners by designing and administering qualified retirement plans for small to mid-size businesses and professional services firms. For a timeline of deadlines and the administrative services we perform, please click here.

A retirement plan can be tailored to meet the unique goals and objectives of any business. Good plan design can help to minimize plan costs and provide increased flexibility in the amount of the annual contribution. A variety of plan features can be used to tailor a plan to the specific needs of the company. It is important, therefore, to have a clear idea of what your goals and objectives are. Some important points to consider are:

  • The history and culture of your business
  • Your personal plans for retirement
  • Any plans for future expansion or contraction of your business
  • Information about employees such as ages, salaries and compensation levels
  • The availability of funds to contribute to the program
  • Employee retention

Fortunately, our Tax Code provides significant advantages to encourage businesses to establish retirement plans. Tax-qualified plans enjoy favorable tax treatment as follows:

  • Contributions to the plan are tax-deductible
  • Contributions increase with tax-deferred investment earnings
  • Participants are not taxed on their benefits until they receive them

All of this allows contributions and earnings to compound at an accelerated rate. Ask one of our consultants for a personalized illustration.

Retirement plans also help employers to attract and retain employees. These plans can have a positive impact on employee morale by demonstrating a willingness to invest in their future.